Friday, 25 February 2011

For those struggling with fiction

The Spanish site, > BLOGS&DOCS < is good port of call for centering your search for contemporary short documentary production, and what is going on in that scene. this page is their > LINKS <. SO it is Spanish, Good.
also Spanish, > Punto y raya < deals with more esoteric and abstract dealings, translated means point and line. they have a submission open until the 11 July... < submissions > "

Punto y Raya Festival explores the ultimate synthesis of the form·movement duality in different spheres of human endeavour. Due to the simplicity of its criteria, it seeks to reveal the limitations and achievements of our representation systems using abstraction's prime matter.

This entry call is addressed to audiovisual pieces built up entirely from dots and lines. No representation whatsoever, just dots and lines as ends in themselves!"

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