Sunday, 20 February 2011

Terroir, earth or soil?

|I found the quote below in response to a definition to the word terroir, French use in describing the soil or earth in which vines are cultivated for the purpose of wine making. this response was I feel better that the writers original proposition, and I thought it was good that he included it on the page.
TERROIR (Fr "soil") - The ecology of a wine. The total, inter-related environment wherein a grapevine is cultivated for the purpose of making wine. Key factors include, but are not limited to, cultivar type, soil, climate, vineyard location, planting density, training system, pruning philosophy & the cultural and social milieu wherein the whole enterprise takes place.

As you can see, since I claim that "terroir" is the ecology of a wine, it follows logically that all wines will have a certain terroir.

However, certain wines reflect their ecology more than others (just like certain people reflect their "neighborhood", etc. more than others), and the terroir of these wines is therefore more clear, influential and definable than the terroir of a wine which does not clearly reflect its ecology.

In the world of wine appreciation, we say that these wines which highly reflect their ecology have a "goût de terroir". Again, to use a human cultural analogy, such wines are not unlike individuals which clearly reflect their geographic background (by virtue of their habits, dress, accent, etc.).

If I were to apply terroir to animation schools, the ground is recultivated, but is there an essence, or flavour of the terroir of a particular school? What are the defining characteristics of Bristol vs Bournemouth vs Kingston vs Brighton vs Maidstone, Wolverhampton, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds?

Not only do you need good Earth, you need good conditions to produce good fruit for a good vintage. dry and wet, sunshine. What are the conditions here that make it possible to produce consistent palatable animation? what is missing?

I asked last week for you to define an obstacle, I enjoyed the results. I am asking now for you to define the Terroir of your particular interests, and dig around to find the bones and past of why this is good earth. it is your roots, it is where you are coming from and what you are joining into that I would like you to explore.

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