Thursday, 24 March 2011

Antony Balch - The Cut-Ups

William Burroughs. Yes. where are we now? Film 1966.
william Burroughs, the naked lunch. David Cronenberg Trailer, and a making of video, where the puppeteers talk about the typewriter bug thing. Burroughs talks about the act of writing, and Cronenberg talks about filming someone writing.
Throughout the 1960s, Burroughs dabbled in making / writing films and sound recordings, presciently seeing that the lines between film and the written word were fairly blurry. Many things you can do with film can also be done with words. His cut-ups during this period are an example. As he says in The Job, “Cut-ups have been used in film for a long time. In fact films are assembled in the cutting room. Like the painter film technicians can touch and handle their medium move pieces of it around and try out new juxtapositions.” More Biographical information here on reality

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  1. I have here in Bristol my own italian copy of "Creative Writing" by Burroughs. I love him and his books :) and Cronenberg as well ^^ (very good movie by the way)