Sunday, 13 March 2011

A poster show. All students on Developing practice for animation are going to produce an 'academic poster' for their fellow students to regard and understand the research they have been engaged in.
In my experience, animation is considered a non-serious pass time amongst other art forms. animators are regarded with suspicion, caution and befuddlement. We are left to invisibly forage and stumble into film, sound, performance, architectural space, commercial art, and still be considered non serious.

There is a paradox. WE are very serious about our labours, (I hope). I want these posters to be serious about your chosen subject. Well laid out, well designed, have good appeal. professional, with rigour. the picture above is a poster show. note how people stop and take in the information.

How long should one stay to absorb your research? there is quite a lot of info about academic posters. for example - this one - they are often put out by their Universities and are specific, however there are common grounds about design and legibility and editing your research that is shared.
we will make an A1 poster. landscape. I am going to find out if/ where we can print these. I am hoping at Bower ashton, and I am hoping for a price that is good.

I will let you know.

we may have to do a cake sale to raise the funds...

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