Monday, 28 March 2011

Garage, a good thing, as is facets.

you say Garage, I say Garage!
this is good. Garage under the umberella, in their words; Your online cinema. Anytime, anywhere...
fresh stuff, really quite good. I must balance that with a very short David Lynch quip
for example - they do lists, invited from nitters, this one is comics made into movies, there is quite a bit of trawling to be done here. It is a good springboard into deeper research, and searching out those titles that are elusive.
Whilst we are on this tip. it reminded me of facets, a group in chicago, who were originally a video distributor who had lovely catalogues of titles. they have moved on to be really good gossip and story led organisation. well worth a look, in my opinion. their manifesto "Facets Multi-Media's mission is to preserve, to present and to distribute independent, world and classic film, and to educate adults and children
in the art and legacy of film." Can not argue with that... FACETS

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